ACTION is where the juice of life is. That means – DOING SOMETHING. Things like saying ”I love you” or committing to saying no, exercising and eating right, adding more value to the world, getting off your butt and actually doing SOMETHING!
ACTION is the bridge between dreams and reality. I have talked about change happening slowly. It does.
The key is in the action.
The crazy thing is that sometimes the only action we can take is the choice to not take action. Sometimes we have a waiting period. A time where we are supposed to be confused, we are supposed to incubate. And other times when we are supposed to work our butts off. The clue is to tune in and listen to The Universe.
What’s being whispered to you in your meditations and what are you intuitively feeling about what is next?
So many seekers block their own natural intuition because they are afraid. And they don’t take action. They don’t leave the job, or the relationship or start their own business. They don’t leap into the arms of The Divine with the trust that they will be caught or learn how to fly. They block their intuition and then life shuts down.
Other times, we take too much action and run around like a chicken with our head cut off. And this is because we are not listening.
The key is to learn how to trust yourself. And whatever you are being told to do, whatever you are being guided to do, have the courage to do it. OR if you are being guided to rest, stop and wait – have the willingness and humility to LISTEN and trust what you hear.
If we don’t trust ourselves, we will never create the life of our dreams. We will never self-actualize and we will always live a life that is in service to the opinions and beliefs of OTHER PEOPLE. This is NOT our destiny. Our destiny is to live a Self-Approved life in harmony with The Universe where we claim our Divine birthright and ACT on our faith – every day. And as we do, expect and allow miracles and synchronicities to show up in the most amazing way!
I’m curious – what is your intuition telling you?

I trust my intuition.
I trust The Universe.
I take action on my intuition.




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